The Magical Power of Gratitude & Its Ability to Transform Your Life


Photo by Jessica Castro on Unsplash

There are moments in life when everything feels hopeless and unbearable. Moments when it’s difficult to get out of bed in the morning.. Moments when you feel depressed and angry with life.. Moments when you want to give up and stop trying.

These are all natural feelings which are part of being human, however there is always a choice with what we choose to focus on. The truth is, whatever you focus on will become your reality. If you choose negativity then you will attract more negativity; on the other hand, choosing positivity will attract more positivity into your life.


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Personally, I have gone through many periods of deep depression and despair resulting in an inability to function. During those moments, my whole reality feels dark and pointless as my mind starts racing with thoughts of all the things I don’t have and reasons why I’m failing myself. It becomes overwhelming and creates a negative spiral triggering my mind to immobilise my entire being with painful emotions. Sometimes this can last for hours, days or weeks at a time once my mind creates thought loops and negative patterns of thinking. The mind can also start tricking me into believing that everyone around me is having a better life which leads to envy and frustration, further spiralling me into feelings of self-hatred.

At this point, I feel alone and disconnected from the entire universe and myself. This illusion of separation feels like death; like I’ve lost my own soul. It’s terrifying to lose yourself when you build walls around you, pushing everyone away from you.

However, the Universe gave me a powerful message recently when I asked for guidance on this issue. It showed me that I wasn’t appreciating life or being grateful for what I already have. This lack consciousness was creating my reality of despair and depression. I was advised that when this shifts, then everything changes.


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Letting go of lack and choosing to see all the blessings in your life will create joy and abundance. Doing this consistently will then create a vibrational upward spiral of positivity where you will manifest more reasons to be happy. It all begins with our mind and what we choose to focus on – life can be beautiful when we see the positives.

Now I’m choosing to say “thank you Universe” more often for everything I have. Thank you for my health.. Thank you for my home.. Thank you for all the loving souls in my life.. Thank you for having food in my fridge.. Thank you for living in a safe part of the world..


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I can now see that life is full of beauty and hope. Gratitude truly is one of the most powerful ways to shift and transform your whole reality. A positive focus creates momentum which the Universe rewards in more ways than you can possibly imagine.