4FF9C9EB-2669-475A-8A11-8528EE1B88E0Life is never the same once you pierce through the veil of illusion and wake up to the truth of reality. The world may look exactly the same but your perception of everything has shifted forever.

Going through a spiritual awakening changes the way you view yourself, others and the universe around you in a profound way.  Your consciousness will expand in ways you never imagined resulting in a higher vibration which ultimately changes your external reality.

Here are 11 signs you are spiritually awake and transcending 3D reality:

1. Seeing Number Synchroncities

58C30180-10AB-4584-938C-D1F3AAEC50D4Suddenly you see 11:11 everywhere you look; whether it’s on your phone, clock, car plates, receipts, etc. You also come across angelic numbers such as 111, 222, 333, 444, 555, 777, 888, 999 & 000 which each carry a unique vibrational light code. Observing these number synchronicities are strong indicators that you’re seeing beyond the 3D matrix as you activate higher aspects of your soul.  These number sychronicities are like “glitches in the matrix” showing you that there’s more than this physical reality.

2. Changes in Diet 


This will happen very naturally as you become more aware of the energetic connection between food and your vibrational state. You may feel the desire to cut down on processed food, meat, sugar and gluten. This may result in becoming pescetarian, vegetarian or vegan as you focus on cleaning up your diet. There is no right or wrong way of approaching what food to consume; follow the intuition of your body as you make changes which are most beneficial for you in the present moment.

3. Intense Desire to Know the Truth

F975C83F-7B55-4B59-928C-AB2C8A71D15DYou may have an insatiable thirst for knowledge to dig deeper into the ultimate truth behind every aspect of reality. It’s exciting to find so much information online or even among people you know. There will be a deep understanding and recognition that many things you were taught by your family, the media and education system were incomplete or distorted truths. It may feel overwhelming initially but knowledge is power and essential to your spiritual awakening.

4. Disinterest in Watching TV and Mainstream Media

E2172EDB-A70A-4D6D-9E46-5E66578474F7There will be an inner knowing that pretty much everything on TV is a distraction from becoming fully conscious and aware of the truth. Most TV shows (particularly the news) are filled with fear mongering and negative programming designed to keep people “asleep”. As a result you will most likely lose interest in watching TV as you seek more fulfilling ways of spending your time. You will also see through the illusions that society and mainstream media have programmed you to believe. You question everything and challenge all conditioning by seeking alternative news and sources of information.

5. Changes in Friendships & Relationships

30E5040F-F7F7-4DAC-950C-81FF347FDEEFSince you’re undergoing so many changes in your life it will only be natural that your relationships with others will shift as well. You may find friends drifting away from you once it becomes apparent that you don’t share the same interests, beliefs or outlook on life anymore. It will also become very obvious that certain people in your life are toxic so it will be difficult to be around their energy. Your increasing levels of sensitivity will be a powerful intuitive tool for determining who you need to surround yourself with – however, you may also find yourself needing more alone time to process all the inner changes during your spiritual awakening. It may become a lonely period as many people drift out of your life but it’s also an exciting opportunity to meet new people who match your new vibration.

6. Strong Feeling That You Don’t Belong on This Planet 

E987870D-E257-401D-B54C-8EF3089B0690Perhaps you always felt like you didn’t “fit in” and that you couldn’t relate to society. You may feel that the human race is too violent, insensitive and ignorant to important issues on the planet. As a result, your sensitivity and compassionate nature may seem too much to other people, particularly if you’re an empath. You may also intuitively know that your soul is from other star systems, dimensions or realms of a much higher frequency. Perhaps you have already researched ET races or mystical beings which strongly resonate with your true nature, allowing you to expand your perception of yourself beyond your 3D human existence.

7. Spiritual Terms and Concepts Seem Familiar 

BB9ED990-6E69-4FB4-8DC9-03B7566ED5B0Whenever you come across words such as “ascension”, “soul group” or “starseed” it seems to resonate with your understanding of reality. Learning about metaphysical or esoteric information feels like home – you’ve finally found your own personal language. There’s a deep sense of comfort as you expand your knowledge and awareness on spiritual topics allowing you to connect with others who perceive the universe in the same way.

8. Deep Sense of Connection to Nature, Animals, Crystals & Natural Healing

C1B035E3-B27B-4621-9BE7-8D0E0F9E3A43You will feel the urge to surround yourself with high vibrational energy which soothes and heals your soul.  Being in nature will become more vital to your wellbeing as it purifies and grounds your energy whenever you feel disconnected from your higher self.  You will also feel a stronger connection to animals as you become aware that we are all connected.  When seeking treatment for physical, mental, emotional or energetic imbalances you are more likely to turn to natural healing techniques such as reiki, crystal healing, herbal remedies, etc. You may also be drawn to a healthy lifestyle incorporating exercise, clean eating and spending time outdoors as you’re aware of the positive impact it makes on your vibration.

9. Heightened Activation of Your Heart Chakra & Third Eye

82297C34-049B-46BA-9661-623E667AA7D4.jpegYour heart chakra will feel more expansive as you tune into energy at a heightened level.  This may result in increased levels of empathy, intuition, compassion and sensitivity which can allow emotions to be felt at a profoundly deep level.  Your third eye may also start to open as you experience vivid or lucid dreams; sense angels, ghosts or interdimensional beings; see orbs; and experience a whole range of other psychic abilities.  These signs provide evidence that your consciousness is expanding beyond 3D reality in a very real way.

10. You Feel Guided By the Universe in Every Moment

16CB0AC0-8D36-45C1-8CFD-C8A6237D914BYou may start to notice patterns and sychronicities occuring on a daily basis which provide clues on whether you’re on the right path.  There will also be an inner knowing that everything in your life is intricately connected and interconnected, providing powerful lessons for your soul’s growth.  Certain people along your journey may also provide answers and support during challenging periods, reminding you that the universe always has your back. During dream state you may also receive important messages showing you the truth concerning people and situations in your life.

11. Becoming More Authentic to Who You Truly Are

6926117D-39B3-4A51-B5C5-AD61101909C7As you progress through your spiritual awakening you will develop a stronger sense of who you are and will not be easily influenced by the opinions of others.  You may start to embrace your unique gifts and talents which provide the opportunity to help others and the planet in various ways.  Your appearance, lifestyle, relationships, career and interests may also dramatically change to align with the best version of yourself.  These are all indicators that you’re raising your vibration and aligning with your higher self as you learn to master self-love and self-acceptance.

11 Signs You Are Spiritually Awake & Transcending 3D Reality

4 thoughts on “11 Signs You Are Spiritually Awake & Transcending 3D Reality

  1. Thank you so much for this inspiring article Susanna. There’s an interesting link between all these signs that you’ve mentioned, particularly how they all help us feel comfortable in our authentic self and supported by the universe.✨💖

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